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Where can silicone rubber products be used

May 26, 2022

Where can silicone rubber products be used

Silicone rubber not only has the advantages of non-toxic, high and low temperature resistance, but also has high plasticity. Today's silicone products are widely used in all walks of life, which brings us a lot of convenience. Therefore, the silica gel industry is in a period of rapid development. Understanding the relevant knowledge of silica gel products has become a compulsory course for many bosses and purchasers. Where can silicone rubber products be used


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1、 Industry and manufacturing

Silicone rubber has high plasticity. All kinds of industrial accessories can be mass produced through mold opening and customization. It is high in quality and low in price, and can meet various unique customization needs.


2、 Electronic accessories

Most electronic keys will be made of silicone rubber, which is because the silicone rubber keys have the advantages of wear-resistant and good hand feeling, and the subsequent processing technologies such as radium carving and silk screen printing have been mature. In addition to the above advantages, silicone rubber can also achieve electromagnetic shielding, so silicone rubber will be used for wire, cable and microwave shielding.


3、 Protective sleeve, shell

Silicone rubber is soft in texture and has certain anti falling protection function. Mobile phone protective cover and silicone rubber shell of instruments and equipment are common silicone rubber products.


4、 Dustproof and waterproof sealing

Silicone rubber seals have good dustproof and waterproof performance, which can not only meet daily life and industrial production, but also occupy a place in aerospace, deep diving and other fields. It is no exaggeration to say that silicone rubber seals can go to the world.


5、 Food, daily use

Silicone rubber is harmless to human body and can pass various food tests, so silicone rubber products begin to appear in our kitchen and living room, and will become more and more necessary products for our life in the future. Amazon Whiskey Cocktail Ball Round Sphere Ice Cube Mold


6、 Medical and health care

Silicone rubber has unique physiological inertia and will not have adverse reactions with the human body. It can be used in the medical and health industry. The common ones are medical hose, respiratory mask and so on. Silicone rubber is also used in some sports health care products, such as fascia gun, cleanser and eye massage instrument.

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